We are dedicated to promoting the optimal emotional and physical well-being of families and children, and to support the health of the communities in which they reside.


A basic and fundamental tenet underlying our treatment philosophy is that all people are capable of change.  CIFHS strongly believes that treatment should be based on empirically proven practices and procedures.  Research has clearly demonstrated that counseling services are the single most important component to ensure favorable treatment outcomes.  To this end, CIFHS provides counseling and associated psychosocial services for its patients and participants.  CIFHS also provides support, education, career planning, and case management services to assist clients in re-establishing themselves as productive participants in society.  A core component of the program is comprehensive evaluation to identify and diagnose co-occurring disorders  and integrate into the treatment approach additional modalities that are the most effective in treating  related mental and primary health problems.  CIFHS includes family as a key component of the individual's treatment and provides family services through referral or through its other programs.