Core Services

There are six core services that the agency offers to individuals, families, and the community.  These are categorized under broad service areas such as 1) mental and behavioral health, 2) psychological evaluation and testing, 3) substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment  4) developmental and prevention services, 5) education classes in the area of parenting, anger management, and child abuse prevention, care coordination, and 6) primary care, including health screening, wellness promotion, and case management.  Services offered by CIFHS are readily accessible, evidence-based, well-coordinated prevention, intervention and treatment services for children and families who reside in high-need, low-resource communities.  Our programs are family-driven and culturally respectful.


Mental Health Counseling

We offer individual, family, and couples counseling to those in need. Through counseling, we help people cope with their problems through counseling to overcome life challenges during difficult periods of their lives. We provide counseling at our two Covina locations, in various schools in the Baldwin Park school district, as well as in the home. Counselors work hard to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. All of our Counseling Services are available in both English and Spanish.

California Victim Compensation Program (VOC)

The state of California provides counseling as part of the compensation for victims of crime and their families. CIFHS provides competent and compassionate therapeutic services to help these patients overcome their traumatic experiences and strengthen their coping skills. These services are coordinated in conjunction with trained victims’ advocates working within the court system. Experienced licensed clinicians are available for individual and group counseling.

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Program

CIFHS provides specialty mental health services for children, teens and their families from age 0 through 20. We specialize in a range of services ranging from comprehensive assessment, medication services, individual counseling and family counseling, and case management. We use a full range of treatments, including state-approved evidence based practices such as Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Managing and Adapting Practice, and Crisis Oriented Recovery Services (See Evidence Based Practices for additional detail) to assist children and teens reach their treatment goals. Services are provided in the clinic or in the home.

School Based Services

Through a partnership with Baldwin Park Unified School District, we provide counseling services for children and youth with Medi-Cal or Healthy Families at a number of Baldwin Park schools. Our therapists go to schools and deliver mental health services to children and teens who are referred by their teachers.

    Treatment options utilize individual counseling and group counseling incorporating best practices such as play therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, aggression replacement therapy among others (See Evidence Based Practices). Consultations with our psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioners and medication support are available, as well as pychiatric evaluations and comprehensive psychological testing. Specialized services are available for teens struggling with both mental health issues and substance abuse through our Sober Solutions program. We also offer crisis management and workshops to both students and teachers in the local schools.

Child Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment

We provide high quality counseling to children, teens, and parents to prevent child abuse. Our professional and caring staff members help families rebuild their lives through supportive services. We also provide counseling services to parents and families who are referred by Department of Children & Family Services. Through regular counseling, we assist parents and caretakers to learn and apply useful parenting skills.

Sober Solutions Program

CIFHS specializes in the treat of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders in a program called Sober Solutions. The program utilizes an integrated approach to addiction treatment, including historically proven treatment modalities of medicine, comprehensive psychological assessments, intensive cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step integration, motivational interviewing, and evidence-based practices such as Seeking Safety. We meet the requirements for court ordered treatment.

CIFHS utilitizes the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria to assess the individual using the six dimensions that explore:

  • Past and current experiences of substance use and withdrawal
  • Health history and current physical conditions
  • Thoughts, emotions, and mental health issues
  • Readiness and interest in changing
  • Relationship with relapse or continued use or problems
  • Recovery or living situation, and the surrounding people, places and things
  • Treatment is focused primarily on intensive outpatient services which involves individual and group therapy, co-dependency treatment, aftercare support groups, relapse prevention, and family counseling. We treat co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depresesion, trauma, personality disorders, and other mental health problems that contribute to the addictive behaviors. Clients are also eligible to participate in life wellness promotion activities and coaching for lifestyle changes.

    Specialized services are available for adolescents struggling with chemical dependency and behavioral problems. Our teen program educates on substance abuse/dependency, offers drug treatment, including weekly drug testing. In addition classes are available on anger management, aggression replacement therapy, social skills, and life skills. The program uses a special adaptation of the evidence-based practice Seeking Safety for adolescents.