Volunteer Opportunities & Practicum Training


CIFHS is committed to improve mental health as a critical part of overall wellness. Integrated primary care and mental health treatment for those who need it, with full recovery as a goal, guides our work. Many hands are needed to accomplish this task. We welcome volunteers who would like to assist us in the process and have many volunteer opportunities available. Learn more about us!

  • Give back to our community
  • Promote health for children and families.

Community Service Work

As we are an organization that strives to provide support and assistance to our clients, we also desire to be of service to the greater community. We are looking for individuals who are looking to complete required community service hours or who are interested in being a part of helping the community at large or who have ideas for community service projects.

Join us! Contact Linda Hodgson at (626) 966-1577 or lhodgson@cifhs.org.

Practicum Training Program

CIFHS serves as a training site for a wide variety of health and mental health interns and trainees. If you are interested in applying for an internship or externship, CIFHS accepts traineeships for psychology externs, marriage and family therapists, nurse practitioners, nurses, and substance abuse trainees. All internships include an academic program and ongoing supervision by licensed professionals.

To ask questions or seek information about available positions please contact Linda Hodgson at (626) 966-1577 or lhodgson@cifhs.org. To apply, please send resume, cover letter, and a letter of reference.